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Nichols Village Continues to ward off Covid

April 17, 2020

Right from the start of this pandemic Nichols Village has been fortunate and shares encouraging news that our community has had NO reports of positive COVID-19 with residents or staff.  “If at any point our community receives a report of a positive case, residents will be notified,” says Linda Durkin, executive director.  “It feels, at times, that we are holding back a tidal wave and I thank residents for continuing to adhere to our stringent social distancing requests.”  

None of the steps to prevent Covid from entering our community are taken lightly and are ALWAYS initiated with resident safety in mind.  Residents are strongly advised to continue to follow the recommended guidelines:

·         Keep at least 6 feet of distance from the nearest person.

·         Remain in apartments and cottages as much as possible and avoid lingering in common areas.

·         Restrict guests to only those providing direct support care, whether it be family members or an outside agency.

·         Wash hands with warm to hot water and soap for 20 seconds.

New community guidelines include:

·         Wear masks anywhere on the Nichols Village property including inside common areas and outside walking areas.  Residents don’t need to wear a mask in their own home.  However, it is recommended to wear a mask when a resident has a support person helping them in their home such as a home care provider or a family care giver. 

Cloth face masks are available in the office which were kindly donated by Merrimack Valley Hope Mission – Joe D’Amore made by volunteers and one of our very own residents, Gerry Morenski.   Residents may call the front desk to request masks and staff members will deliver masks to residents. 


·         Several common areas have been closed to reduce resident gatherings in order to keep them safe.  Furniture is being rearranged to support residents’ ability to practice social distancing.

·         Both dining venues, The Tavern, and restaurant remain closed.  Meals continue to be delivered to residents in their apartments and cottages until further notice.

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