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Covid 19 Update - Swimming, Exercising and In-Person Fitness Classes Resume!

July 20, 2020

Our brand-new Fitness Center opened this past winter 2020.  Residents were just beginning to enjoy the new exercise equipment, the pool, and classes in the aerobics studio, and then the Covid pandemic happened.  After just about a 4-month sabbatical, the pool, gym, and fitness classes are now up and running once again!

In coordination with the guidelines recommended by the CDC and the state of Massachusetts our wellness coordinator, Gina Velonis, RN announces the reopening of our brand-new Fitness Center including the pool and gym.  In-person outside fitness classes are now being offered too.  On-line fitness classes continue to be offered as well.

The Pool ~ Residents now have the wonderful opportunity to enjoy exercising and relaxing in the pool.  They may reserve a 1-hour appointment with Gina for a maximum of two people at a time and are invited to bring their own swimming noodles, kickboards and water weights.  Time is also scheduled between resident swims to effectively clean the pool, shower and restrooms.  In observance of social distancing, no in-person aquatic group classes are planned as of yet, and the spa remains closed.  

The current aquatics protocol is:

·        Shower before arriving for swim appointment.

·        Check-in with a staff member in the fitness lobby at the time of appointment.

·        Temperature is taken upon arrival to the fitness lobby.  Ill residents are not allowed to use the pool.

·        Follow signage on doors for entering and exiting.

·        Use hand sanitizer before entering aquatic area and locker-rooms.

·        Masks required while in the aquatic area and are removed before entering pool.

·        Practice social distancing of 6 feet or more. 

·        Use the 2 outer lanes in the pool as center lane is closed.

·        One person at a time in the locker room to access shower and restroom or to exit the aquatic area.

·        Locker rooms and lockers cannot be used to store belongings.

·        Hand sanitizer and cleaning wipes available to use while in the aquatic area.

·        Residents are responsible to wipe down any furniture utilized with sanitizing wipes.

The Gym ~ Our Covid safe protocol used for the pool is also being implemented with the gym reopening; i.e. residents make reservations (two people allowed at a time) includes contactless temperatures and health screenings before entering the gym and hand sanitizing before entering and exiting the gym, wearing masks, etc.  Also staying in accordance with the CDC and the state of Massachusetts guidelines for reopening gyms, residents need to space themselves at least 14 feet apart and use the spacing measurement of placing 2 pieces of fitness equipment between each person.

The In-Person Fitness Classes ~ Beginner and Advanced Yoga are now physically meeting outdoors every Tuesday as well as 2 Advanced Strength Training classes every Friday.     

Class sizes are limited to 9 participants for a total of 10 including the instructor.  All participants including the instructor are required to wear a mask, have contactless temperatures taken and health screenings and use hand sanitizer. The residents bring their own fitness weights and mats.

An antidotal comment from Gina Velonis our wellness coordinator,

 ~ “Bringing your own workout equipment to a fitness class or the pool is like going to the beach or park, ‘carry in, carry out’ or BYOW (bring your own weights)” 😊

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