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Covid 19 Update - Social Distancing and Dining at Nichols Village

March 19, 2020

Nichols Village moves to an all delivery meal service on March 19th through the end of March, and most likely into April... 

"Socializing at dinner is such an important part of what is provided to our residents at Nichols Village, so I do not make this change lightly" states executive director, Linda Durkin.  “Safety is our top priority and taking the next steps to promote social distancing will delay the spread, and hopefully, stop the Coronavirus arriving at our community's doorstep.”

Changing the entire dining operation takes creativity in planning, preparing, and implementing. Meals are now delivered to each apartment and cottage instead of having residents physically meet in the restaurant and Tavern.  This new dining plan allows for minimizing contact with others to reduce the chance of Corvid 19 entering the community.

The new meal service protocol:

·       Residents call either of two dedicated telephone numbers to order lunch and dinner.

·       Dinner choices include three entrees every night, changed daily, and served with a choice of soup, salad, dessert and drink. 

·       Lunch includes a choice of salad, sandwich, soup, dessert and drink.

·       Contactless meal delivery - Servers, wearing masks arrive at residents’ doors, knock and leave freshly made meals in white paper bags at front doors.  To minimize the risk of COVID exposure residents are requested to wait to open doors until servers leave the door area.

Linda reminds community members, “these dining changes are temporary yet necessary, and will be reversed as soon as it is safe to do so”.  She states, “we are grateful for community members sharing their kind words and support as we write the rule book on how to navigate COVID 19”.

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