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Covid 19 Update - Wellness and Fitness at Nichols Village

June 1, 2020

Our Nichols Village Wellness Coordinator, Gina Velonis, RN not so surprisingly states “wellness and fitness programs have been a challenge amid COVID-19”.  She says, “especially now, it is important to not only have physical fitness but also engage in activities for mental health and wellbeing”

Currently, residents are using their laptops and computers to participate in 4 online Zoom fitness classes per week taught by our 2 certified personal trainers, Donna Bonin and Susan Lambert including strength training 3 days/week and chair yoga 1 day/week.  Mindfulness Meditation is also offered for relaxation and balancing the soul.  Donna also has her pet therapy dog Layla wagging hello to residents on Zoom as they do their exercises. Gina says, “it has been great to see residents on Zoom; they get to see each other without a mask on and chat before and after classes with the instructors”.

For residents who do not have a computer to join the online Zoom fitness classes, a variety of fitness and wellness DVD’s are readily available in the Nichols Village library featuring various types of fitness instruction such as yoga, strength training, and Tai Chi.  To maintain brain fitness, weekly brain games are printed out and given to residents.  Nichols Village has a lovely library as well where residents may access it anytime, 24/7.

Recognizing that mental and emotional wellbeing is of special importance during this time of COVID, we encourage residents to stay active by walking outside while wearing a mask and maintaining a social distance of 6-10 ft and communicate frequently with friends and family by telephone.  Our wellness coordinator, Gina reaches out to residents by telephone daily to assess residents’ individual needs, and to provide an opportunity for residents to stay socially connected.


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