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COVID-19 Update

March 24, 2020

COVID-19 Update 


We want to thank our staff members for their continued dedication, teamwork, and leadership over these past several weeks. Thank you to our residents for their flexibility and understanding, and thank you to our family members and guests for not visiting as much you would like to.


On March 23rd the Governor issued an order for all "non-essential businesses" to close their physical locations as of 12:00 PM today (March 24th). The services we provide to our Nichols Village residents are essential, therefore our community is considered an "essential business".  We will remain open.  Staff will continue to work to provide the housing, services, and supports our customers need.


We are concerned for our residents because nearly all fit the age demographic that is most at risk with the COVID-19 virus. Therefore, we remind and implore all family members, visitors and guests to please not visit. Thank you for caring about our residents to keep them well and safe.




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