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Moving 101 – Knowledge is Power

Transitioning from a current home to a home in a new community can be an overwhelming experience. The stress from just thinking about moving has the potential to stop you in your tracks, preventing a lifestyle change that may be best for you. Nichols Village acknowledges how challenging this can be and offers these short videos with professionals sharing their "moving" expertise and advise. The knowledge you gain will give you the power to navigate through your "moving" process, and ultimately achieve your goal of living the lifestyle you want.

Real Estate

The Dovetail Story

Sell AFTER You Move

Senior Housing/Care

Right Time to Move

Professional Move Management

Downsizing Tips

Selling Your Home

Move Manager

Extra "Stuff"


Elder Law Attorney Michael Stankavich

Powers of Attorney Health Care Proxies

Irrevocable Trusts

Asset Protection Strategy

Financial Planning

Financial Health

Stay within Budget

Financial Planning

Future Health Care